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You know about us because we're a small farm with a big name.

We've shown that no-till vegetable production is not only possible, but can be highy productive and profitable. We've quadrupled our soil organic matter, without nutrient leaching, while nearly tripling the total microbial life in our soils. We've increased bird and native bee populations and diversity. We've increased native perennial plant diversity and density. We've dramatically reduced water usage per crop, and we're producing roughly $100,000 in vegetable sales per crop acre per year with over half of that revenue paying our year-round employees' salaries.

Singing Frogs Farm continues to be a living experiment.

As we, and leading soil scientists, learn more about the biology of the soil beneath our feet, our methods and farming systems here at Singing Frogs Farm are constantly changing and being improved upon. However, nearly every aspect of farm management hinges on the three basic principles of soil management:

1) Disturb the soil as little as possible,

2) Keep a diversity of living plants in the ground as often as possible, and

3) Keep the soil covered and protected as often as possible.

When one understands the myriad scientific reasons for each of these principles, one quickly sees how tillage in all its forms is the complete antithesis of soil health.


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"Paul and Elizabeth's model of regenerative agriculture, food production that improves rather than impoverishes the land, is pushing the envelope of what is possible."

- Kevin Boyer,

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